About the Office

Agency Strategic Plan for the 2013 - 2017 Period

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Table of Contents

Statewide Vision, Mission, and Philosophy
Relevant Statewide Goals and Benchmarks
Agency Mission
Agency Philosphy
External/Internal Assessment

  1. Overview of Agency Scope and Functions
  2. Organizational Aspects
  3. Fiscal Aspects
  4. Service Population Demographics
  5. Technological
  6. Economic Variables
  7. Impact of Federal Statutes/Regulations
  8. Other Legal Issues
  9. Self-evaluation and Opportunities for Improvement
  10. Discussion of Current Year Activities
  11. Performance Benchmarking

Agency Goals

Technology Initiative Assessment and Alignment


Appendix A - Description of Agency's Planning Process
Appendix B - Current Organizational Chart
Appendix C - Five-Year Projections for Outcomes
Appendix D - Measurement Definitions:

Appendix E - Workforce Plan
Appendix F - Historically Underutilized Business Plan
Appendix G - Duties and Functions of the Office of the Secretary of State