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Primary Election Final Cost Report Instructions and Cost Category Description Detail


A Final Primary Election Cost Report (FCR) must be submitted after the primary (or runoff, if applicable).  The net difference between the final costs and revenue received prior to the election (i.e., estimate payments and filing feels) will result in either another payment being issued by the state or funds will be due back to the state.  FCRs must be submitted via the same Online Primary Finance System that was used to submit the Primary and Runoff Election Estimates.  If you do not have your user ID and password or otherwise need assistance, please email the Election Funds Management or call at 800-252-2216 (press 3 for Election Funds Management).

The Final Primary Election Cost Report is divided into the following sections:

There is also an “Upload” feature to append supporting documentation to your Final Cost Report as described on page six of this document.

The following is a line by line description of the cost categories in the Final Primary Election Cost Report:


Expenses – Election Day Expenses

NOTE:  Section 172.1112(a), in conjunction with 4.003(b) of the Texas Election Code does not require that a “notice of election” for the primary or runoff be published in a newspaper.  These notices are required to be posted on a bulletin board used for posting notice of meetings of the commissioner’s court.  Accordingly, primary funds may not be used to publish these notices in your local newspaper.

Expenses – Election Day

Expenses – Election Day Other

Administrative Costs

Please review 1 TAC §81. 123 for the administrative costs caps applicable to your county.

Financing Sources

Joint Primaries and Contracting with the County

Supporting Documentation

  1. “Upload” electronic versions, including scanned documents, when you submit the Final Cost Report online.  There is an Upload link on the left side of the screen when you click “Verify/Submit”.
  2. Email electronic versions of the documents.
  3. Fax the documents to 512-463-7552.
  4. Mail them to:

    Texas Secretary of State
    Election Funds Management Section
    P. O. Box 12060
    Austin, Texas 78711-2060