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Elections and Voter Information

Voter Information

Election Advisory No. 2012-17

To: County Election Officers, State & County Chairs
From: Keith Ingram, Director of Elections
Date: July 26, 2012
RE: Canvass and Recount Filing Deadlines for 2012 Primary Runoff Elections & Forms

Canvass Dates

The Local Canvass of the Primary Runoff Election must be conducted on Thursday, August 9, 2012. See also Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 172.116 (Vernon Supp. 2011). The State Canvass must be conducted no later than Saturday, August 18, 2012. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 172.120.

Recount Filing Deadlines

The deadline for requesting a recount is 5:00 p.m. of the 2nd day after the day of the final canvass is actually conducted. Tex. Election Code Ann. § 212.028. For all county and precinct races, the final canvass is the local canvass. For all district (including single county districts) and federal and statewide races, the final canvass is the state canvass.

County and Precinct Races

Local Canvass Filing Deadline
Thursday, August 9th 5:00 p.m. Monday, August 13th*
* Deadline extended due to weekend.

Statewide and District Races

State Canvass Filing Deadline
Date of Canvass no later than August 18th 2nd day after State Canvass

Reminder on Tie Votes and Automatic Recounts: The Code provides that an automatic recount will be conducted in a tie. Id. § 2.028. The county or state chair is responsible for requesting the recount, and the recount is conducted according to the same method of counting that was used on election night. Id. §§ 216.003 & 216.004.

For additional information on recounts, such as petition requirements and deposit calculations, please see the recount outline and forms (PDF) posted on our website. You may also contact our office via telephone or email to request copies.