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Candidates State Rep 97

Daniel R. Barrett, Democrat
Name as to appear on the ballot - Dan Barrett
P.O. Box 100535
Fort Worth, TX 76185-0535
817 332-2580
DOB: 01/12/55
Paid Filing Fee
Craig Goldman, Republican
1945 Kensington Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76110
817 229-1385
DOB: 10/03/1968
Insurance Sales
Paid Filing Fee
Christopher R. Hatch, Republican
Name as to appear on the ballot - Chris Hatch
4328 Willow Way Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76133
817 332-3320
DOB: 06/29/1946
Certified Public Accountant
Paid Filing Fee
Jeff Humber, Republican
1721 High Ridge Road
Benbrook, Texas 76126
817 229-6625
DOB: 08/21/1967
Director of Business Development
Paid Filing Fee
Bob Leonard  Republican
2800 South Hulen Street, Suite 210
Fort Worth, Tx  76109
817 336-8500
DOB: 01/02/1950
Paid filing fee
James Dean Schull, Republican
1328 Trinity Dr.
Benbrook, Texas 76126
817 249-5300
DOB: 09/15/71
Attorney at Law
Paid Filing Fee
Mark M. Shelton, Republican
1355 Mistletoe Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76110
817 715-7782
DOB: 11/08/1956
Paid Filing Fee