Emergency Rulemaking

What is required in an Emergency Preamble?

In the Introductory paragraph include the agency name, action being taken (amendment, new or repeal), TAC section number, subject material statement, and brief statement, and brief explanation of the action.

A statement of why the rule is being adopted on an emergency basis.

Action (new, repeal or amendment), statute, article and section under which the action is being adopted, and explanation of the agency’s authority.

**Please type the preamble in narrative form and address the items in the order shown above.**

What tags do I use in the Emergency Preamble?

Tag Meaning
<*> For section symbol
<p> To indicate paragraphs

(used only in the preamble)

<eti> to indicate italics

Example: when referencing Texas Register as a publication
(insert before the first word)
<et> to return to regular type face
(insert after italicized text)


<p>Texas Youth Commission (TYC) adopts on an emergency basis an amendment to <*>85.33, concerning Program Completion and Movement of Sentenced Offenders. Sentenced offenders have been grouped by offense for the purpose of establishing certain internal review procedures. To the group named "category 1 sentenced offenders", the offense aggravated sexual assault is being added and the offense aggravated assault is being removed.

<p>This amendment is adopted on an emergency basis to ensure that youth who may pose greater risk to the public receive the highest level of internal review prior to any decision concerning a sentenced offender's movement.

<p>The amendment is adopted on an emergency basis under the Human Resources Code, <*>61.081, concerning Release Under Supervision, which provides the Texas Youth Commission authority to release a youth under supervision, who is committed to the commission under a determinate sentence, and <*>61.084, concerning Termination of Control, which provides TYC authority to discharge sentenced offender youth from its custody.

How do I submit an Emergency Repeal, New, and/or Amendment?